Buying Welding Cable Products

March 11th, 2013Posted by admin

Buying welding cable should not prove to be that difficult but there are a few things to be aware of when searching for the best price. First of all, buying welding cable from WesBell will prove to be quite easy since they’re an ISO9001 certified company. They will only sell good quality products from qualified […]

THWN Electrical Wire Used As Dog Fence Wire

February 27th, 2013Posted by admin

The term “dog fence wire” has obviously become more popular due to more and more invisible fences being purchased. Apparently some kits come with the wire needed and others do not leaving the consumer confused as to what type of electrical wire is needed for their application. There are a few options for you to […]

Cutting 20 AWG Hook Up Wire

February 13th, 2013Posted by admin

Cutting 20 AWG hook up wire might be more difficult than it appears. If you’re making a simple wire harness at home you can handle it however you want to without the need for inspection or approval. However, companies in business to provide cut wires will need to make sure they follow certain protocol before […]

Electrical Wire 3/0 Multi Conductor

January 22nd, 2013Posted by admin

A 3/0 electrical wire is a very popular type of wire in the building industry. Electrical wire is a broad term used for most types of wire in the industry but mainly refers to THHN THWN wire which is a single conductor. In order to get a multi conductor cable with more than one 3/0 […]

Is There A 2 AWG Welding Cable In Tinned Copper?

January 4th, 2013Posted by admin

No, there isn’t a 2 AWG tinned copper welding cable but there are a few other choices that can get you tinned copper strands. DLO cable is in the same family as welding cable and has tinned copper instead of bare copper strands but it’s slightly less flexible and slightly more expensive. It all depends […]

Super Vu Tron Welding Cable 3/0 UL Approved

December 19th, 2012Posted by admin

Not all types of welding cable are UL approved but the Super Vu Tron welding cable is UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS compliant. There are two basic types of welding cable that are meant for either home use or industrial use. As you can imagine the industrial cable will need the approvals and added protection […]

Something More Flexible Than Romex 6/2

December 5th, 2012Posted by admin

There are many types of electrical cables that are manufactured more flexible than Romex® but you want to make sure that it is still meets the same specifications. Romex® goes through a testing procedure to make sure it was manufactured correctly and can meet the requirements of the applications it’s approved to be used in. […]

Flexible Multiconductor Olflex Cables – Shielded or Unshielded

November 6th, 2012Posted by admin

Olflex is a manufacturer of flexible multiconductor cables. Now known as Lapp USA, they manufacture quality electrical and electronic cables primarily for flexible applications and equipment. There are different types of multiconductor flexible Olflex cables such as: Olflex 190 and Olflex 190CY   – These are multi-conductor, oil resistant and flexible control cable that bends around […]

Copper Electrical Wire Scam!

September 14th, 2012Posted by admin

With copper wire prices up so high over the last 5 years many crooks have found ways to scam people and businesses in order to scrap copper wire for cash. Beware of these crooks by taking the necessary precautions listed here: Check their email address! shows that they have a website called and […]

What Are Electronic Cables?

January 22nd, 2012Posted by admin

The emergence of electronic cable is considered as a revolt in the developed business of elevated voltage electrical equipment. Its digital output as well as networking connection builds the device safer as well as extra environmentally defensive, which are benefits for the bright electrical power transmission and distribution system. There are lots of characteristics of this […]