Cutting 20 AWG Hook Up Wire

Cutting 20 AWG hook up wire might be more difficult than it appears. If you’re making a simple wire harness at home you can handle it however you want to without the need for inspection or approval. However, companies in business to provide cut wires will need to make sure they follow certain protocol before shipping it.

The first step is to cut the lengths from a large spool of 20 AWG hook up wire. A company will most likely have a machine that cuts all of the wires to the desired length the operator inputs. The machine can also strip the ends off both sides for the assembler to solder or terminate a connector to each end. Once terminals are applied they can be inserted into a plastic housing to complete the wire harness.

A company could get an order for 1000 pcs of XYZ assembly for Joe Shmoe or General Electric. Joe Shmoe may not car about a tight tolerance but GE definitely will. They will ask for 6 inch wires with a tolerance of 1/8 inch which means it cannot be longer or shorter than 6 inches by more than 1/8 inch.

If you’re a buyer of cut to length wire and cable than you should strongly consider choosing a vendor with an ISO 9001 certification. The certification proves that you have a system in place that is audited four times per year and re-certified once every three years. The auditor will go into the facility and review all of the processes in place and be sure that they are being followed. Any company can put a process in place but they may not follow it as closely as they should. The audit review will catch such things.

As a customer buying hook up wire cut to length you will receive quality product more often and better service if products need to be returned. It doesn’t sit well with a company, that paid a lot of money to be ISO 9001 certified, when products need to be returned due to a process that went amiss in the production line. They will review it in detail to be sure it doesn’t happen again. Not only that, they will also supply you with new cut to length 20 AWG hook up wire manufactured to the correct specifications.

If a company is ISO 9001 certified it shouldn’t take too much digging to find out. They will probably have it posted on their website and all other documentation sent your way.

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