Difference Between NMB Cable and Romex Cable

NMB cable is generally used in the wiring of residential houses. These are the wires that bring electricity from the electrical box to all of the outlets, switches, and appliances all throughout the house. These cables are meant to be used in typically dry locations. The NMB cable is usually a generic cable that can be made by many different manufacturers. Meanwhile the Romex cable can only be made by the Southwire company.

NMB Cable

This is a generic brand of cable that can be made by a number of different manufacturers. This kind of cable is used all throughout homes and buildings. It brings power to outlets, lights, and even appliances from the electrical box the house or building has. The wire is made with a PVC jacket and typically these cables are only used indoors or outside when they are used in conduit. This cable should not be used for jobs where the cable needs to be directly buried in the ground.

Romex NMB CableRomex Cable

Romex is a Southwire brand. The Southwire Company is well known and it has been a recognized brand for years. The cables use SIMpull technology making them easier to install than normal cables. The Romex NMB cable is tear resistant and has reduced burn-thru. These qualities help to make the cable last longer. Each different gauge size usually has a different colored jacket associated with it as well. This helps to be able to easily identify what size the cable is when a customer needs it to be replaced. These cables are approved to be handle temperatures reaching as high as 90°C. Customers also have the option of having the cables come with a different number of conductors. The number of conductors depends greatly on the gauge of the cable.

General NMB CablesBoth Cables

The cables generally are fairly similar because they both need to adhere to the same NEC code. But keep in mind that the cables can be enhanced. So each brand name cable you buy can have other different characteristics on top of the basic ones. Brands that cost more sometimes can last longer than the other cheaper brand options.

There aren’t many differences between the generic NMB cable and the Romex cable. However, the Romex cable does have added features and attributes that the generic cable does not have. The Romex cable by Southwire is made to be better than the average cable. No matter which cable you pick either one will be able to get the job done.



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