Robotics Cables

When looking for robotics cables it is important to do your research first. You need to make sure that the cable you are purchasing is authentic. As a customer you need to look and check the logo of the company and make sure you are purchasing genuine products. Also make sure that you are buying for either an approved retailer or one that you know you can trust. The two kinds of robotics cables being compared are the Servo Control Cable and the VFD Cables.

Olflex® Servo Control Cable

Servo Control CableServo control cables help to control every part of a machine independently. These cables are continuous flex cables; this means that even as the machines parts are moving the cable will continue to work. They will even be able to move with the machine. Servo control cables come in both a continuous and a standard flex option. The standard flex option cables are generally used in stationary applications. They can be used as supply and feedback cables. They also have an exceptional braid shielding in the CY version of the Servo cable to help with both EMI and RFI interference. The shielded versions of these cables have copper braids around them to help give added protection. Servo cables are also composed of smaller cables that have 2 different gauge sizes.

VFD Robotic Cable

VFD Robotic Cable
The VFD cables have been reinforced with added security. This is because the cables are exposed to an enormous amount of pressure regularly. With the flexion and torsion the wires need to be strong and durable to be able to endure this kind of environment. The communication features of the VFD cable will still perform at its highest ability and you won’t have to worry with all the side effects of exposure to elements. It’s important to keep in mind that because these cables are expensive that you should make sure to keep repairs up to date. You don’t want to put off fixing something wrong with the wire. Depending on your machines specific needs there are two options for wiring, they can be run either internally or externally.  Most VFD cables that are made by Olflex® usually come in sizes ranging from a size 18 AWG to a size 2 AWG.

Robotics cables are expensive. They aren’t exactly easy to replace either. Plus the cables have a very important job to do. They have to make sure the entire machine or robot is running perfectly and that every piece or element of the robot is talking to each other. Keeping your robotics cables in great shape is necessary because it can help to prevent costly repairs later on down the road.



Written by: WesBell Electronics, Inc.

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