UL1007 Hook Up Wire

UL1007 is a dual rated kind of hook up wire. This kind of wire is used indoors typically in household appliances and electronic devices. This is one of the most common forms of hook up wire that can be found in a person’s home. The UL 1007 is dual rated and can also be considered UL1569 hook up wire.


Hook Up WireThe UL1007 hook up wire is most commonly used in the internal wiring of house hold appliances as well as home electronic devices. It can also be used for electronic lead wire, and more. These wires can be bought in sizes 10 awg to 28 awg. These are the most basic forms of hook up wire available. Hook up wires such as the UL1007 can also be used in wire harness assemblies.


This UL wire is approved to be able to handle 300 volts of electricity. The wire is made with a PVC insulation. UL1007 is a single conductor lead wire. These wires can handle temperatures reaching as high as 105°C or as low as -40°C. UL1007 and UL1569 wires are made with a stranded tinned copper conductor. These UL hook up wires come a variety of 10 different colors for customers to choose from. Customers also have the option of buying this king of hook up wire with a solid copper conductor.

UL1007/UL1569 Ratings

UL1007 WireBoth the UL1007 and the UL1569 wires are rated to be able to handle the same 300 volts of electricity. Considering the wires are dual rated there is nothing different about the wires. The ratings however do have one slight difference. That difference is their temperature rating; the UL1007 rated wires are typically able to handle temperatures only as high as 80°C. Then the UL1569 wires can handle temperatures reaching as high as 105°C. When the wire is dual rated with both UL1007 and UL1569 however it takes on the higher temperature rating.

Wires that have the UL rating have been tested and proven to work at their maximum voltage and temperature rating by a third party. This gives the customer a more secure feeling when buying a product. This is also the reason that the UL numbers have become so popular in the hook up wire industry.


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