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UL1007 Hook Up Wire

September 3rd, 2015Posted by admin

UL1007 is a dual rated kind of hook up wire. This kind of wire is used indoors typically in household appliances and electronic devices. This is one of the most common forms of hook up wire that can be found in a person’s home. The UL 1007 is dual rated and can also be considered […]

Bare vs. Tinned Copper Wire

July 21st, 2015Posted by admin

Bare and Tinned copper are almost always used as the conductor material in any kind of wire. They are great at transmitting energy. Bare and tinned copper wires are used in most homes and industrial applications. These materials also can be used to ground electrical systems. Bare and Tinned copper should not be used to […]


July 14th, 2015Posted by admin

When it comes to electrical wire there are a lot of options for customers out there. The three most popular kinds of electrical wire are THHN, THWN, and TFFN wires. These are most commonly referred to as building wire. They are all single conductor copper wires that can be used both indoors and sometimes outdoors. […]