Super Vu Tron Welding Cable 3/0 UL Approved

Not all types of welding cable are UL approved but the Super Vu Tron welding cable is UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS compliant. There are two basic types of welding cable that are meant for either home use or industrial use. As you can imagine the industrial cable will need the approvals and added protection to last the same amount of time as the one that’s not UL approved.

Just because a cable isn’t UL approved doesn’t make it a bad cable or one that shouldn’t be used. It just means that it hasn’t gone through the testing and approval process of UL (Underwriters Laboratories). They are a trusted name in many industries that commonly do voltage, temperature and flame testing. Electrical cables without the UL marking are still inspected, tested and approved for voltage, temperature and flame requirements but they aren’t approved by a secondary source.

Usually companies that need portable power from a single conductor flexible cable will use a 3/0 Super Vu Tron welding cable. Supplying portable power to tools and machines on an industrial job site will require inspections from outside sources that definitely want to see that UL marking on electrical wire and cable. If they don’t see it most likely the wire will need to be replaced in order to meet code.

Many single and multi conductor cables are used by home owners such as welding cable, SOOW cable and extension cords that do not carry the UL approvals. These cables are almost always offered in a UL style as well for a higher cost per foot.

Homeowners just don’t need the added approvals to hook up their generator or welder for personal use. However, a small business with a small welder should probably have the UL approved cable even though it’s more expensive. They may not get inspected as many times per year as bigger companies but they still may get inspected and need to make sure they’re meeting the requirements that need to be met.

Speak to your wire and cable supplier about whether you need welding cable or Super Vu Tron welding cable and they will walk you through the pricing options you have. They will also explain the similarities and differences between the two cables as I have in this article so that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

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