Is There A 2 AWG Welding Cable In Tinned Copper?

No, there isn’t a 2 AWG tinned copper welding cable but there are a few other choices that can get you tinned copper strands. DLO cable is in the same family as welding cable and has tinned copper instead of bare copper strands but it’s slightly less flexible and slightly more expensive. It all depends on the application you have and the budget you have to get exactly what you need.

As a wire and cable distributor in the business for over 20 years we have created our own charts of similar cables for additional choices to our customers. Some ask for a welding cable in a less flexible version which we can look up in our system. Some ask for a welding cable with a higher temperature rating which we can also find.

Finding a welding cable with tinned copper strands may not be the exact thing we find but we can definitely find you something similar such as the DLO (Diesel Locomotive Cable) mentioned above. There is also a 2 AWG MTW wire which is basically a larger type of hook up wire. It’s a PVC insulation rated for the same voltage and temperature as welding cable but it has a slightly less protective insulation that’s used for more indoor applications such as electronics and appliances.

We will also discuss the other options with you that you might think aren’t important such as voltage, temperature and environmental protection. The reason for asking those questions is to possibly find you something cheaper in the search for your tinned copper strands. If you’re using this electrical wire indoors then you can use the more affordable MTW wire. However, if you need all of the same approvals you’ll most likely need to use a more expensive cable such as DLO cable.

Finding something with a higher temperature will nearly always result in a much higher price. High temperature wires need a high grade PTFE insulation to protect the copper wires. However, it will be worth it because a PVC insulation will surely melt if it’s put into a high temperature application.

Remember to pick the brain of the person who works in the industry because they know it and understand it better than you do. Likewise, you know your industry better than the customers you have because they only buy products from you. Selling products requires quite a bit of knowledge that customers don’t need to understand.

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