Flexible Multiconductor Olflex Cables – Shielded or Unshielded

Olflex is a manufacturer of flexible multiconductor cables. Now known as Lapp USA, they manufacture quality electrical and electronic cables primarily for flexible applications and equipment. There are different types of multiconductor flexible Olflex cables such as:

Olflex 190 and Olflex 190CY   – These are multi-conductor, oil resistant and flexible control cable that bends around corners or cable tracks. They have a compact design which permits better handling and easier installation in limited operating spaces. Both are ideal for use in damp, wet or dry environments. They are used for control systems, assembly lines, machine tools, equipment for data processing, control panels connections and machines, grinding machines, CNC machine centers and equipment for bottling. Olflex 190CY is specially designed to withstand signal distortion and impulse interference at the same time negating electromagnetic interference.

Unitronic 190 and Unitronic 190CY   – These are unshielded, multi-conductor signal and control cables. They are recommended for use in computers office equipment, data transmission, instrumentation and process control equipment. Both are designed with fine-strand tinned copper conductors and non-wicking fillers. Both have SR-PVC insulation, dry lubricant and gray PVC jacket. Unitronic 190CY has overall wrap in foil tape and 85% coverage of copper braid (tinned). The overall foil/tinned copper braid shield is needed when signal transmission is distorted due to electrical interference or when suppression of EMI emissions are needed.

Olflex 490P – This is a multi-conductor, flexible control cable that has a rugged polyurethane jacket which is resistant to abrasions. The polyurethane jacket is UV resistant. It is also resistant to mineral oils, cutting fluids and mechanical abuse usually found machining and grinding operations.

Olflex FD 890 and Olflex FD 890CY   – These are multiconductor flexible Olflex cables which are super flexible and heavy duty. These are designed for continuous flex applications. These cables are recommended for use in gantry robots, pick and place units, cable tracks, machine tools, conveyor systems, automated handling equipment and continuous flexing applications. Olflex FD 890 has an added tinned copper braid. Minimum bend radius for installation of Olflex FD 890CY is 10x cable diameter compared to 7.5x cable diameter of Olflex FD 890.

TrayFlex II – This is a flexible multi-conductor control cable with approval for open wiring. It’s a very good alternative for stationery TC cables. It’s resistant to UV and ideal for burying directly to the ground. It‘s for use in all electrical equipment on dry, damp or wet conditions.

TrayFlex 3D – This is a multi-conductor, oil-resistant cable with approval for open wiring. It is a practical alternative for using separate continuous flex, twisting and bending cables.

Unitronic FD and Unitronic FD CY- These are multi-conductor, flexible, data transmission cables for automated production processes that needs increased flex life durability and characteristics. Unitronic FD has a smaller cable diameter making it ideal for constraint operating spaces. Unitronic FD CY is added with overall braided tinned copper for suppression of EMI emissions and when signal transmissions are distorted by electrical interference.

More types of electrical wire are available online. You may visit the manufacturer’s website for specific information about these cables.

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