THWN Electrical Wire Used As Dog Fence Wire

The term “dog fence wire” has obviously become more popular due to more and more invisible fences being purchased. Apparently some kits come with the wire needed and others do not leaving the consumer confused as to what type of electrical wire is needed for their application. There are a few options for you to look at depending on exactly how you’re installing it.

Certain types of electrical wire are designed to be installed indoors only while other types are designed to be used directly underground. Obviously, the cost of the underground cable will be higher than the indoor wire because a higher amount of protection is needed. THWN wire is used indoors, outdoors and in conduit applications but it cannot be buried underground without conduit.

If your dog fence wire is staying above ground you can save some money and use the THWN electrical wire for your installation. However, if you would like to hide the wire completely underground you will have to upgrade to another type of wire with more protection. There is a wire meant for underground use that has a different insulation which is a bit harder to find.

You’re best off using the electrical wire given to you in the box because it’s obviously meant for the exact application. Any information online tells you to bury the wire a few inches into the ground in which THWN wire is not approved to handle. It’s manufactured for indoor and outdoor use but not for installations underground unless it’s inside of conduit.

Will the wire burn or explode by putting it a few inches in the ground? No, of course not. It may shorten the life expectancy by a few years but, ultimately, you will be able to get the same conductivity that the other 20 AWG of 18 AWG dog fence wire will give you as well. The insulation is just a bit tougher for chemical and moisture protection than standard above ground wire can guarantee.

Speak to your wire and cable supplier about the different options you have for burying your wire underground. Hopefully, they won’t just tell you to use THWN wire because they would be wrong, but they might give you a similar explanation as to a shorter life expectancy. Ultimately, once you have all of the information you need, it’s up to you which type of wire you buy. Having the knowledge will help you better understand why it didn’t last as long as you thought it was going to.

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