Electrical Wire 3/0 Multi Conductor

A 3/0 electrical wire is a very popular type of wire in the building industry. Electrical wire is a broad term used for most types of wire in the industry but mainly refers to THHN THWN wire which is a single conductor. In order to get a multi conductor cable with more than one 3/0 wire bundled together inside of a jacket you will have to start looking into electrical cables.

As you look at multi conductor cables you will see that THHN THWN wires are still used in most types. SER cable is a common type of multi conductor electrical cable with THHN THWN conductors and a bare copper ground wire. It’s an acronym for Service Entrance Round and it’s used to bring power from a telephone pole to the electrical box of your home or building. From there it’s dispersed throughout the home with smaller wires to give power to the lights and outlets.

Another cable that is manufactured with multi conductor 3/0 wires is tray cable. PLTC stands for Power Limited Tray Cable and that is not what you need because it’s only rated for 300 volts, hence “power limited”.  Type TC-ER 600 volt tray cable is a direct burial underground cable installed without conduit or raceway. It comes with all black conductors that are numbered for identification. It’s engineered and manufactured with a very strong outer jacket for use directly in the ground when needed.

A different type of cable is Type W or Type G portable power cables. These are similar to an extension cord on steroids and used in very high power applications that bring power to job sites. They are manufactured with very flexible copper strands, flexible rubber insulation and a rubber jacket. They power tools and machines on industrial job sites that don’t yet have power. They also power up generators and very large machinery.

There are all different types of electrical wire and cable on the market so you should explain exactly what you need to your wire and cable supplier in order to pay the lowest amount and have a cable with all the approvals that you need to pass inspection. Many times cables need UL, CSA, CE, RoHS or MSHA approvals on their cable in order to pass inspection so be sure to request everything you need up front. Ask questions that will help you in your venture to find the correct wire or cable for your application.

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