Buying Welding Cable Products

Buying welding cable should not prove to be that difficult but there are a few things to be aware of when searching for the best price. First of all, buying welding cable from WesBell will prove to be quite easy since they’re an ISO9001 certified company. They will only sell good quality products from qualified vendors.

The first thing to remember is that battery cable is inferior to welding cable and therefore slightly cheaper. It’s less flexible and has a PVC jacket rather than a rubber jacket. Battery cable is used for automotive applications because engineers designed the insulation to protect the copper from automotive type conditions. Welding cable, on the other hand, has a tough rubber insulation engineered to protect against welding conditions. Those conditions are typically in shops and garages where some moisture, oils and gasses might come in contact with it.

The next thing to understand is that some suppliers are SKETCHY! They manufacture welding cable with TPE insulation instead of rubber which also makes it inferior and cheaper. One reason for doing this is to sell a more cost effective product to those that are able to use it for their application. The sketchy reason is to imitate welding cable with a cheaper version to trick people into buying something less expensive when they might need the real thing.

If you’re unsure you should make a phone call to determine exactly what you’re buying. You should ask for welding cable with rubber EP insulation. Sometimes the description will show you what the insulation is manufactured with so read all of the fine print or simply buy from a reputable supplier to begin with!

Written by: Chris Bell
(800) 334-8400
ISO 9001 Certified

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