Using Shrinkable Tubing Over Entertainment Cable

Two valid reasons to use shrinkable tubing products over entertainment cable would be if the cable has a cut in the insulation or if you’re putting lugs on either end of the cable.

Cut in the Insulation


When there’s a cut in the insulation the bare copper strands are exposed and the cable should not be used. You can buy a small length of shrinkable tubing that has a larger diameter than the diameter of the cable. Make sure the tubing can be used in the same conditions as the cable so that they’re both synchronized. Also, if it’s a perminant¬†application you should upgrade the tubing to “adhesive” so that it glues itself to the entertainment cable for good.

Entertainment Cable Assembly


When you apply lugs to the end of entertainment cable products you can also use shrinkable tubing to make it look cleaner and to cover the copper strands completely. Make sure you slide the tubing on first, then crimp the lug and finally slide the tubing back over the base of the lug and heat it into place. The lugs will sometimes be exposed for the life of the application so the tubing will help protect the copper strands for a longer period of time.

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