Buy Long Barrel Lugs for Longer Connection Life

Short barrel lugs seem to be cheaper. Long barrel lugs are definitely more expensive. And at the first glance why not save yourself some money and get the short barrel lug? Now this can be a good or bad decision depending on where you plan on using this lug. The long barrel lugs are more tough and durable. They give a stronger connection and will make sure the life of the connection lasts longer as well.

Long Barrel LugLong Barrel

The long barrel compression lugs give the customers a better and more secure hold onto the welding cable. This is because the lug is crimped twice instead of only once on to the welding cable. Long barrel lugs have two crimps and lengthen the amount of times its connected even with severe pulling and tugging. Long barrels are more effective when there are multiple people using the cable or it’s in an industrial setting. If a welding machine is going to be used all day then you want to make sure that you buy long barrel lugs to help prolong the life of the connection between the welding cable and the compression lug.

Short Barrel LugShort Barrel

As the cable gets tugged and pulled around the shop the crimp connection between the lug and the cable is breaking. Eventually you will pull the cable out of the short barrel lug all together. Short barrel crimps last plenty of time if you’re careful to limit the tugging and pulling. Now this does not mean that the short barrel lugs are not effective it just means that the short barrel cannot handle a lot of tough wear and tear.


The long barrel lug is obviously a little more expensive than the short barrel lug. This is because the long barrel has more material to it as well as additional planning and design that the short barrel does not. In the long run however the long barrel can save customers money if the welding machine is in an industrial setting. The long barrel will last longer than the short barrel and won’t have to be preplaced or fixed as often.

Long barrel lugs are better off to be used in environments that will require a strong and durable connection. These lugs are perfect to be used in places such as a shop with lots of people using the same machine, or industrial settings. The short barrel lugs are good for a customer who is going to be careful with the connection and where there are not going to be multiple people sharing one machine.


Written by: WesBell Wire and Cable

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