3 Types of Alpha Brand Name Products

Alpha Wire company has a variety of products to offer their customers. The XTRA Guard line of cables, the heat shrink tubing and the EcoWire are just a few of the products that Alpha offers. These are also their most popular products. XTRA Guard cables are strong and durable, they can also handle almost any application you can imagine. The FIT tubing is great for organizing and repairing wires and cables and the EcoWire is good for customers looking to go green.

XTRA Guard Cables

XTRA Guard CableThere are six different kinds of XTRA Guard cables. Each one has different ideal uses, as well as slightly different features to each. They each have slightly different temperature ratings. Most of the cables however are usually rated to be able to handle either 300 or 600 volts of electricity. Some are even more flexible than others are. The XTRA Guard Flexible Cable is even a continuous flex cable meaning it will still work even with machines that have moving parts. These cables each also have a different list of substances that they are resistant to.

FIT Heat Shrink Tubing

FIT Heat Shrink TubingThe Alpha tubing is made with premium materials. This tubing is constant in having excellent physical characteristics. The tubing is sure to have low longitudinal shrinkage as well as wide temperature ranges. All while providing an elegant appearance for customers. FIT tubing comes in a variety of sizes. This ensures that customers will get the perfect fit for whatever their needs are. The tubing is great for organizing and so customers can easily identify what cable or wire is what just based off of the color of the heat shrink tubing.  All of the tubing also gives the wire added protection from things like heat and water.

EcoWire and EcoWire Plus

EcoWireThe EcoWire and the EcoWire Plus is an engineering breakthrough. Never before has there been a wire that has been made with recyclable materials. The entire process of manufacturing the EcoWire is entirely eco-friendly. The wires are made with a stranded or solid tinned copper conductor. They have modified polyphenylene ether insulation around them as well. The wires have been rated to be able to handle 600 volts of electricity and have a temperature range of -40°C up to 105°C. The wires don’t contain any halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. The EcoWire Plus has better water resistance than the EcoWire.

No matter what products you choose to buy from Alpha Wire just remember that they are all of the best quality. There will be a kind of XTRA Guard product that will be perfect for any job you have at home. The FIT heat shrink tubing is good for bundling wires together, organizing, and even repairing wires with splits. Then the EcoWire is good for customers who are concerned about going green, and still want the same high level of protection a normal PVC wire has to offer.



Written by: WesBell Wire and Cable

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